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The Permanent Garage Floor Coating for Pompano Beach, Florida and Surrounding Area

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The ultimate garage floor coating in Pompano Beach, Florida and surrounding area. Industrial grade, permanent coatings designed to keep your garage floor looking awesome for a long time.

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Garage Floor Love is Brewing in Pompano Beach!

Is it time to love your garage floor?

Whether your garage floor is new or old, you can change the way it makes you feel about your home.

If you are frustrated trying to keep your garage floor looking its best, you should read this.

If you find lingering odors from grass clippings or pets give your garage a less than fresh feel, there is an answer.

If you see ugly cracks and pitting every time you come home, there is a fix that can be done once, and done permanently.

Choose From Three Garage Floor Coating Options
We believe keeping things simple is best, so we offer 3 choices for your garage floor. You choose the floor coating option, then you choose the color, and the rest is up to us.

100% Flake Floor

Let me introduce you to the Signature Garage Kings Flake Floor.


Decorative Marbled Epoxy Floor

Ready for something different? Want a floor that’s you and only you ?


Solid Epoxy Floor

If you’re into keeping things simple, the solid epoxy floor is an easy choice.

Garage Kings: 3 Simple Garage Floor Coating Options

We want to make your life a little easier. That’s why in Pompano Beach, Florida and the surrounding area, we offer 3 simple options for your garage floor. First pick the coating type based on your style and budget. Then pick the color from a few great options that work for any décor.

Do you like to keep things simple? The Garage Kings solid epoxy floor is industrial grade, super durable, and our most budget friendly floor. With or without anti-slip traction.

How to Know You Are Getting A Great Epoxy or Polyaspartic Floor Coating for Your Garage

Have you been looking for options for long?

How can you know your floor coating contractor is giving you a floor that will last?

Why do so many do-it-yourself epoxy kits peel within months?

You can be certain that your contractor knows how to do this right, AND is properly equipped to stand behind good workmanship.

Concrete coatings like epoxy and polyaspartic are not new. They have been used in commercial and industrial settings for years. When they are installed correctly, they simply do not come off. They last. And they look awesome for a long time.

Here’s what you need to know from your floor coating contractor:

There is nothing more important than surface preparation if you want your floor coating to last. Nothing is more important than surface preparation.

The goal is wide open pores in the concrete, so that the coating can sink deep down before hardening. A coating installed correctly will never peel off the concrete.

There’s a few different ways to achieve this.

You can shot blast the concrete, which was the most common method for industrial epoxy surface prep. You can also use dust controlled diamond grinding equipment, which is our preferred method.

If your contractor is planning an acid wash or citrus etch of some kind, dig in with questions about the guarantee. If we were installing a coating and only acid washing the concrete, we would not guarantee it for more than a couple years. If you want the best possible result, go with diamond grinding.

Dust controlled diamond grinding equipment can shave the top layer of the concrete, open up the pores, and leave a great surface an epoxy or polyaspartic coating can bond to permanently. The best equipment uses giant vacuums to practically eliminate the mess of concrete dust you might otherwise expect.

This process is surprisingly clean.

Once you know your epoxy coating is going to bond well to the concrete, it’s time to make sure you’re getting enough ‘body’ on your floor to hold up to wear and tear.

That means using high quality products, and enough of them.

A paper thin coating won’t hold up to constant use.

The coatings we work with typically go down in 2 coats – a super thin first coat to allow very deep penetration into the concrete, and a higher-build main coat for long term durability.

When we are finished, your beautiful floor coating is roughly the thickness of a credit card.

We recommend the same products that are used in commercial and industrial settings installed with a nice build. That way your coating is ‘overkill’ for your garage, and you won’t have to think about it ever again.

Give Your Garage Floor A Little Personality

What do you love?

Do you want something extra special for your floor?

Personalized logos, sports teams, business logos, you name it. We’ve installed as many as 32 logos in a single floor. What do you love?

Put your passion in your floor!

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