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Hey New Jersey! Ready to Upgrade Your Garage Floor?

Do you love your garage floor?

Does your garage floor amaze you with how easy it is to keep clean?

Do stains from oil and rust wipe up without a struggle?

Are you inspired by it’s great look?

Most of all, does your garage floor make you feel PROUD of your home?

There is something powerful about a floor coating you can count on. A permanent garage floor coating.

At Garage Kings New Jersey, easy to clean garage floor coatings that look great and last for years are our speciality.

Each floor coating option is designed to clean easily, to protect your concrete floor from oil, salt, rust, and the elements, and to look amazing.

Call us for a quote or keep reading to learn about our simple options for your garage floor.

Choose From Three Garage Floor Coating Options
We believe keeping things simple is best, so we offer 3 choices for your garage floor. You choose the floor coating option, then you choose the color, and the rest is up to us.

100% Flake Floor

Let me introduce you to the Signature Garage Kings Flake Floor.


Decorative Marbled Epoxy Floor

Ready for something different? Want a floor that’s you and only you ?


Solid Epoxy Floor

If you’re into keeping things simple, the solid epoxy floor is an easy choice.

3 Simple Options For Your Garage Floor

Let’s face it. There is a ton of opinions out there for the best garage floor products.

That’s why we make it easy. What’s important to you? Simple and elegant? Bold and extravagant?
Cost versus function? Ease of maintenance? Length of warranty? You decide.

Our most industrial garage floor option.

If you’re looking for a long lasting, gorgeous flake floor that holds up to wear and use like no other coating, take a good look at this option. We call it overkill for the residential garage floor.

It’s polyaspartic chemistry means it will never change color due to UV exposure. It has superior impact, mar, and scratch resistance compared to traditional epoxy flooring.

Best of all, it looks awesome!

The pattern of the flakes and neutral color choices mean you will have a floor that complements your decor and never gets dated. The pattern also hides traffic, dirt, grime so it’s both easy to clean and doesn’t show much.

Put your passion in your floor with optional logos built right into the coating.

Comes with a 21 year adhesion warranty.

Our Process for Every Garage Floor

Ever wonder why …

Some floor coatings seem to be permanent and others start flaking off within mere months?

Garage flooring and epoxy coatings are our speciality.

Like any trade there are tools, methods and products proven to give you the result you want: a coating your installer is ready to stand behind with a long-term adhesion warranty.

Garage Kings does a ton of garage floors and epoxy coatings because we are able to produce a consistent result. Right tools. Right products. Right know-how.

Surface preparation with the right equipment makes the difference.

When you hire someone to install your floor coating, make sure they are using dust-controlled diamond grinding equipment. This ensures that the concrete is fully open and porous so that your new coating can sink deep down before hardening. A coating installed over properly prepared concrete is permanent.

After surface prep, your installer should be using squeegees and large rollers to spread the coating, spiked shoes to access the whole floor as needed, and mats to protect the work area.

A floor coating contractor that knows the trade will use the right tools for the job.

All epoxy or polyaspartic coatings are not equal.

When it’s time to choose your coating installer, make sure you understand the flooring system you are buying. A garage floor coating is something you only want to do once, so it is worth investing in a commercial or industrial grade coating.

The best floor coatings are at least a 2 coat system - one super thin coat that can absorb deep into the properly prepared concrete, and one high-build coating that can hold up to regular use. A full broadcast of vinyl flakes into the coating also adds tremendous durability.

Many do-it-yourself products available at big box stores tend to recommend only 1 coat. This may look great for a time, but will not hold up for many years.

Great products installed the right way over properly prepared concrete equals a fantastic floor.

Commercial Floor Coatings and Epoxy Systems

We do big floors.

The same expertise that allows Garage Kings installers to tackle hundreds of garage floors each season enables us to handle your commercial epoxy flooring projects as well.

Our national support staff gives us in New Jersey the knowledge we need for any project or flooring challenge you are facing.

Don’t wait. If you need help with a floor coating, call or submit our online quote form right away.

We look forward to helping you out!

Garage Kings New Jersey Service Area

Based in Blackwood, New Jersey, we are pleased to serve the surrounding area including Jersey City, Newark, and Philadelphia.

Focusing on garage floor coatings, we also install beautiful basement floors, pool surrounds, showroom floors, commercial kitchen and washroom floors, warehouse floors, and more.

Floor coatings are our passion. It is our pleasure to make your life a little easier when we work on your project.

Please call or click today to get started with your complimentary project consultation.

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