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The Best Epoxy Floor Designs

While wood, tile, granite and marble are all popular flooring options for residential and commercial spaces, architects and designers can be limited by these materials. You can stain wood to achieve different hues, but there are only so many colors that can be created. Even tiles and stones are limited by colors and patterns that are found in nature. Epoxy floors, on the other hand, offer limitless design options, which is just one reason why architects are turning to cement and epoxy floors. This medium can showcase imaginative designs and create some truly unique rooms.

Epoxy Floors with Glitter

A recent and noteworthy trend has designers and homeowners adding metallic flakes to epoxy coating in order to create a shimmering, glitter effect. You can choose any color to create the look you want. There are even holographic and iridescent options. The size of the flake also makes a difference. Larger flakes will reflect light differently than smaller, more refined flakes.

Adding glitter to epoxy floors can actually create a surprisingly subtle look. While most people don’t associate glitter with understatement, the end result can be more of a sheen than an over-the-top look. In fact, many offices restaurants and retailers are using glitter epoxy floors and the right combination of strategic lighting to achieve a certain ambiance that is warm, welcoming and modern.

Epoxy floors with glitter also provide some practical advantages. They are affordable, easy to clean and maintain and the reflective properties can help brighten a dark room. You may be surprised to see just how often glitter is being used in epoxy floor coating projects.

Epoxy Floor Patterns

Epoxy is an incredibly versatile material that can be used to create any number of color combinations and patterns. While most people typically associate epoxy floors with the popular swirl patterns that can be achieved, epoxy coating can also be used to create very precise patterns. For example, the building below was designed by the WOHA architecture firm.

While the design is abstract, they were still able to create precise lines and color blocking for a unique look. Instead of opting for a monotone color scheme that would have made such a large space feel cold and impersonal, they were able to add warmth and dimension with fun and colorful patterns. Epoxy coating is also a great choice for this high traffic area because it is durable and long-lasting.

Here is another great example of how epoxy coating can be used to create patterns:

This is another modern and geometric look that showcases the versatility of epoxy coating. The contrasting colors create a clean look that also conveys a sense of sophistication.

Epoxy coating is commonly used to finish concrete garage floors. The coating can dress up a room that is usually more utilitarian and not given a whole lot of decorative attention. It also provides a durable surface for DIY homeowners and mechanics who may spill chemicals and drop tools as they work. Yet even the garage can incorporate fun patterns.

Even those who don’t have a collection of classic Chevrolet cars, can take their garage to the next level with the right pattern. Check out the residential garage picture below.

The classic checkerboard design along the red highlights create a retro feel. With just a little color, this garage has been transformed into a more attractive and functional space that will continue to look like new form many years to come.

3D Epoxy Floors

3D epoxy floors represent the next level in unique floor design. These images are being used in every room in the home to create a truly impressive look. Underwater scenes that incorporate all sorts of marine life are especially popular. It can look and feel like you are walking on water. This is a great way to bring some of nature inside and create a calming space.

As you might imagine, water scenes are also a great choice for the bathroom. How would you like to take bath or brush your teeth with a dolphin playing nearby?

Applying 3D images to concrete floors and finishing the surface with epoxy coating provides a fun and creative way to express yourself and make your home a space that truly reflects your personality and interests.

Unlike other materials, there are no limits to what you can achieve with epoxy floor coatings. From glitter floors that create a fun and reflective look to 3D images that bring animals and the outdoors to life, you can create a truly unique in any room, home or building. Basically, if you can dream up an image or pattern, you can make it come to life with epoxy floors. While this article includes some of the best epoxy floor designs we have seen so far, homeowners and designers are sure to continue to innovate and create new and stunning designs.

The Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coating for Your Home’s Garage

As you may have noticed, it is becoming increasingly popular to epoxy cement floors, especially in residential applications. This trend is driven in part because homeowners have decided to reclaim their garages. They no longer treat it as a throwaway space to store seasonal items and all the things they don’t really need, but can’t seem to part with. Applying epoxy to a cement floor can make the space more versatile and visually appealing while also offering a long-list of other practical benefits that make it an attractive alternative to traditional cement floors.

Here are just a few of the practical benefits that make epoxy floor coating a great investment:

  1. It is incredibly durable. Yes, on its own, concrete is also very durable, but it is also easy to crack and chip. All it takes is a dropped tool or even a bike and your pristine floor will have a new imperfection. In addition, concrete is susceptible to stains caused by oil, chemicals and other substances. If you are hard on your garage floor, it won’t take long before it begins to show signs of wear and tear.

Applying an epoxy coating to your cement floor will provide a more durable surface that is resistant to the typical assaults on your floor that can be a part of everyday life. The epoxy coating will ensure that your floor not only looks stylish, but will continue to look life new.



For car enthusiast and DIY mechanics who like to work in the garage, an epoxy coating is the perfect choice. If you spill gas, brake fluids, or other harsh chemicals that help keep vehicles running, all you have to do is wipe them up and get back to work.

  1. Epoxy coating can restore luster and hide imperfections. If you have already done a number on your floor, applying epoxy coating is a great way to cover up any blemishes and provide a uniform look. In fact, the epoxy will actually fill in cracks and ultimately provide a stronger surface.
  1. Epoxy floor coating can reduce dust and provide a cleaner environment. The garage tends to be a dirty and dusty place, but a lot of that dust isn’t necessarily being brought in from the outside on your cars, bikes and other outdoor equipment. If you have ever swept your concrete floor, you know it can feel like a never-ending job because the concrete actually creates its own fine dust that can settle throughout the garage. For those with breathing and allergy problems, this dust can be an irritant.

Epoxy coating acts as a sealer, which means that it also eliminates dust and makes it easy to sweep and clean your garage. You don’t have to worry about creating more dust as you try to clean up.

  1. It offers a moisture resistant surface. For those who live in snowy and/or climate, this is a major plus. During the winter months, snow and salt brine can accumulate on the floor, leaving water and salt rings that build up over time. With an epoxy coating, any excess moisture can easily be mopped up. If there is any slat residue, a mixture of mild soap and water will easily fix the problem.


In addition, less moisture also means that your concrete floor won’t experience as much expanding and contracting as weather conditions change. This will help prevent cracks and protect the integrity of your floor.

  1. You can add texture for safety. Epoxy coating creates a smooth surface that looks great, but can become slippery when wet. Fortunately, you can increase safety by adding slip-resistant aggregate to the epoxy coating. This will provide a certain level of grip and friction that will help prevent falls.
  2. Reflective properties enhance light. The garage tends to be a dark and cavernous room. Even strategically places overhead lights can leave dark corners. Epoxy coatings are available in high gloss options that will brighten the room by reflecting and enhancing both natural and artificial light. This will make the garage a more welcoming space where you can easily work on projects without straining your eyes.
  1. Epoxy coating is environmentally friendly. Instead of replacing damage cement floors which requires demolishing and disposing of materials and using additional materials, epoxy coating can save your existing floor. This allows you to reuse good materials and avoid creating unneeded waste.

Epoxy coatings are a great way to dress up your garage and some luxury to a room that is often overlooked. The good news is that this treatment also provides many practical benefits that go well beyond aesthetic appeal. Not only will your garage cement floor look great, it will also provide a brighter, more water and damage resistant surface that will continue to look like new for many years to come.

How to Know Your Garage Floor Coating Will Last

3 Simple Questions to Ask Your Garage Flooring Contractor

Ever wonder why new garage flooring contractors seem to appear every year, but only a select few seem to keep working year after year?

It comes down to a few simple things.

Many contractors look at installing garage floor coatings as a way to make quick, easy money. It’s true. When you really love what you’re doing and know how to install a coating that lasts for years, there is money to be made in garage flooring.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult for an unsuspecting homeowner to tell the difference between the installer who will be around for the long haul and the one who won’t be back next season.

Here are 2 Easy Questions to Ask Your Garage Flooring Contractor BEFORE You Commit:

1) What Equipment Will You Use to Prep My Floor, and Will You Own or Rent it?

The right equipment is key.

You’re looking for someone who takes their business seriously. Seriously, would you prefer someone renting a hand grinder and a shop vac or someone that comes equipped with a complete, dust controlled diamond grinding setup?

One contractor is keeping costs down for sure. The one I would hire owns the right equipment for the job.

Proper preparation is the single most important factor in installing a coating that will last. If the coating is able to sink deep into the concrete, it will hold on permanently. If it merely sits on top, it will fail. It is only a matter of time.

The right equipment is key.
2) What Products Will You Use and How Much of it?

Use the good stuff, and use enough.

All epoxy or polyaspartic is not created equal. You are looking for 100% solids epoxy, or high-solids polyaspartic. This simply means that more material is staying on the floor, rather than evaporating as the coating cures.

If one contractor is suggesting a DIY kit from a big box store, and another is bringing in speciality coating products by the pallet, which would you prefer?

Also check out how much product your installer plans to use.

Obviously, factors like temperature, humidity, and other job-specific factors can change product quantities slightly. What you are looking for is enough body on the floor to hold up to wear and tear.

A DIY kit might call for 3 gallons of product on a typical 2 car garage (500 square feet). This is enough for a prime or first coat. If you want your coating to give you years of life, you are looking for closer to 3 gallons on the first coat, and 4-5 gallons on the main coat. That builds enough of a coating to hold up to use.

Use the good stuff, and use enough.

Questions or comments?

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