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How I Stopped Leaving My Floor Coating Profits on the Table

Whether you have an established floor coating business or are just getting started, I hope you find the way we think about operating Garage Kings helpful to you. If you like it a lot, you might even want to think about joining us. We believe we are stronger together.

Are you leaving cash on the table?

Are you in control of your floor coating business or does it run your life?

Have you ever just taken a few moments to step away from your floor coating business to really evaluate where you are versus where you want to be?

Is it time?

In my years in business, I have found that the most difficult challenge isn’t dealing with picky clients, or making the tough calls with an employee. The most difficult challenge is to be honest about my own performance, especially my weaknesses.

See, I can get a lot of work done. I get great sales results. But I know that I am the bottleneck in my business growth. I know that my team will never grow past me in how they are able to sell and produce. I am the limiting factor.

I also know that growing past this limit is the most important and most difficult challenge I have ever attempted. It will be hard. It will make me feel uncomfortable, and it will be VERY tempting to revert to old, comfortable, and inefficient habits, like trying to micro-manage my team. It will also be the most valuable contribution I can make to my business.

Getting out of my own way and working smart will put the company growth on steroids. My team will contribute more and better, and they will feel better about being here to give their all every single day.

Does this sound familiar?

The Floor Coating Business can be a Time Suck

The nature of the chemistry we work with every day means that our schedule has to be flexible. But that doesn’t mean we have to lose control of our most valuable asset – our time.

In the final quarter of last year, I started working with a new personal and business growth program. It has helped me create ‘chunks’ of time in my day to work with extreme focus on a specific problem or challenge in the business (not everything at once!).

The most valuable thing I’ve been able to do is take some time (which I freed up by working smarter, not harder), to really evaluate where I am with the business and what I need to be working on to level up.

I’m actually working less and getting more actual work done.

What would you be able to do with a more focused and strategic approach to growing your floor coating business?

Is it time for you to level up?

Our program is built to help you get WAY more out of your floor coating business, growing together with a national network of like-minded floor coating pros.

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Is it Time to Move Your Floor Coating Business Ahead?

What could your business look like if you were able to focus on your unique strengths?

What if your team was able to pull their weight and also experience the pride of improving themselves and getting better results?

What are the biggest opportunities you want to capture in your floor coating business?

Do you have too much work to produce at a high quality?

Do you struggle to keep your pipeline of projects full to keep your crews busy?

Maybe you’re just starting out, and you’d like to start your company right and grow it well and on purpose.

There is nothing more valuable than clearly understanding where you are, where you want to be, and the steps you’ll need to get there, even over the next, extremely focused 90 days.

Here are some Typical Obstacles to Growing a Floor Coating Company

Marketing Your Services

Leads are the lifeblood of your business. No leads, No sales. No sales, you have to go get a job.

Do you have a system for repeatedly getting good quality leads at a price that makes sense for your business? Or are you guessing at the marketing game?

The most important thing you can do here is really understand how to get in front of people BEFORE they decide on a contractor to install their floor coating.

Here are some questions you can answer to understand where you are with your marketing:

Do you focus on residential or commercial work?

What kind of messaging or marketing materials do you use?

When clients see your website or social media profiles, do they buy you or keep looking?

Do you understand how to use Paid online advertising like google Pay-Per-Click to get and convert leads without burning your bank account?

Is your website ranking well on the Google Search results?

What about networking? Who should you be connecting with in your market, and how do you go about consistently growing your supply of good leads and repeat business?

Selling Jobs

If you’ve done a great job at the marketing game, and you have a credible web presence, you will find that selling jobs is easier. If not, you’ll be quoting cold and it will take more work to prove your credibility and close those projects.

What is your conversion rate?

Do you close 2 out of 10 quotes or 8? Or somewhere in between?

Do you have a consistent sales presentation that you could train a sales rep to follow?

Are you able to close quality work without an in-person appointment and without mistakes in the quote?

Focus on the ONE thing

Are you happy with your business today?

Are you seeing the opportunities to grow and really build your opportunities?

What is the ONE thing you could focus on in your business that would drive your level up?

There’s still more to consider as you map out how to grow your business, but I can’t hit it all here.

Are you still leaving profits on the table by not growing yourself and your business the right way?

You’ll want to systemize your Production so that your crews can consistently produce great work and satisfied clients without you micro-managing them.

You’ll want to hone your hiring and management processes so your Team can perform at a very high level for the company. It’s about consistently getting and keeping good people and helping them grow too.

You’ll want solid Financial process so that your business makes the right margins on every project and you keep what you should at the end of the year.

Want Help With Your Floor Coating Company?

What if you didn’t have to do it alone?

What if you could follow a proven roadmap to growing your business?

What if you could focus on doing more of what you love and are best at?

If you could make more money, get more jobs, and love your business?

Our program is built to help you succeed. If this sounds good and you’re ready for next level growth, fill out that easy form at the top of this page. I’m looking forward to speaking with you!
Have an inspired day, and I truly hope you get what you want from your floor coating business!

Tim Frazer
Garage Kings USA